The Superior Choice for Commercial Cleaning

Independently owned, Liberty Janitorial & Commercial Floor Care places a high value on integrity and professionalism. We make it a point to lead by example and instill the best behavior and qualities in our employees. It truly makes a difference in company morale and in the way clients see us. We know we are doing things right as our company is growing - mostly through referrals and by word of mouth.

A Higher Caliber of Cleaning Services

Providing a wide range of commercial cleaning services, we operate throughout the greater Savannah area.
We are considered a turn-key cleaning company, as there is no job too small or company too large for us to handle.

Contact us today at 912-352-2115 to speak with us about the advantages of having our cleaning team maintain your office.

We just want to make you say "wow"

"Just a simple wow.  Not always with a big splash, but by consistently amazing you with our attention to detail."